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Additional Registry Plugin - Hardcode path fix
« on: January 05, 2018, 06:19:16 PM »


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Additional Registry hardcodes path to personalized plugin in custom .LNK file that is created.  If build folder is moved this breaks created plugin. Is this easy fix? it looks like only 1 edit is needed.

A change is needed in line 146:

Code: [Select]
Line 146: Set,%TarFolder%,%BaseDir%\Projects\MyPlugins%SubFolderTarget%

Code: [Select]
Line 146: Set,%TarFolder%,Projects\MyPlugins%SubFolderTarget%

      Tested and working.  With this change if build path is moved, ComponentsY>Additional Registry (yournamehere) will still work in Win10PESE. (Did not test this on other projects)


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Re: Additional Registry Plugin - Hardcode path fix
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Thanks bob.omb

issue is elsewhere than %TarFolder%
Your fix worked for other reasons...... (long to write, missing things with wb.... I hope to be fixed with PEBakery..... Or who knows .. )

You may notice
a link file also created side by side with plugin

you will notice path written the way you like.

I had to write hardcoded path on this case (I need to check to remember but so far I remember it was about using .link file with "Save Personal" button)
 besides I already knew it is bad for portability (well %99 people do not change basefolder)
   so I made a fallback with :
  "Save Personal" create 2 .Link files
One at project folder (hardcoded)
Other side by side with new plugin folder (portable)

At least this way one can easily copy paste if changing to new folder.

Remind me this summer, I only hope with PEBakery we can fix this if things goes well with PEBakery. ( I hope we can )



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