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[Solved] Where to go
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Where to go ;)

A peaciful forum environment away from bl bullies and other freaks,
An English section and subsections for the idea & project (deserves),
A well maintained forum that will not last shortly in time,
Nice (not exagarated) forum engine to confort everybody at some reasonable level,
not exagarated advertisements that leave a good space to write and read.

I personally have no candidate for a forum,
My main objective is: I like to see The Project go in its path like verrry exciting days of nikzzzz, saydin77, olegpov, fxscrpt, amalux, JFX,  ........ all coming with new scripts and ideas, reporting bugies and offering fixes.

Shortly: Environment for Fun & Exciment **Must** be re-provided.

So far candidates.

Current forum (
Well looks like a good idea at first sight,
severe disadvantage: Galapo must be on duty all the time to maintain forum (spammers, requests, reports etc. etc.)  It is double job, double time which I believe he should not work that widely in order have fun.
Still, if there is a trustable (no offense to anyone) candidate that have more **fun and time on maintaining a forum ( I do not mean someone who focus on how many 'clicks' to forum....., I do not care ....)

For now, Thanks to Galapo, our secret garden to work on Gena :).

Close to nikzzzz and olegpov
Bad forum engine

sanbarrow new forum
I have deep hesitations and do not want to live through same things again.
Further up to Galapo.

well I feel not enough away from some bullies....

no comment.

I do not know anything about it.

Not even a candidate to me, it probits access without login, which I deeply believe a bad thing for freeware world. I put here to just give an example.

It seems nice, any comment (+ -)?

too big advertisements at right, every page.... besides smells not like a right place.

Any more idea or comment ?!?!?!?

Final Decision:
Galapo thinks it will not cause big time since our goal is not increase popularity of forum but a peaciful place to work all together, hence for today decision:
Current forum
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