Topic: Run the Built in Memory Diagnostic of Windows 7 from Win7PE SE (or any 7+ PE)?  (Read 199 times)

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It's possible to run the Built in Memory Diagnostic from the menu of bootmgr on Win 7.

Would it be possible to include this in a PE ( as a option from a boot menu, similar to Win7 )?

Since I always have a PE on my UFD, this would be convenient. I know I can run memtest+ or similar. Just asking.

I have a ISO with just these files in folder 'boot' and it permits me to run the mem diag:
Code: [Select]
2-Apr-2011  02:00 PM           262,144 bcd
12-Apr-2011  02:00 PM         3,170,304 boot.sdi
12-Apr-2011  02:00 PM             1,024 bootfix.bin
12-Apr-2011  02:00 PM           112,640 bootsect.exe
12-Apr-2011  02:00 PM    <DIR>          en-us
12-Apr-2011  02:00 PM             4,096
12-Apr-2011  02:00 PM    <DIR>          fonts
12-Apr-2011  02:00 PM           611,200 memtest.efi
12-Apr-2011  02:00 PM           485,760 memtest.exe
               7 File(s)      4,648,308 bytes

Other folders are empty.

Root has :
Code: [Select]
2-Apr-2011  02:00 PM               122 autorun.inf
12-Apr-2011  02:00 PM    <DIR>          boot
12-Apr-2011  02:00 PM           383,786 bootmgr
12-Apr-2011  02:00 PM           669,568 bootmgr.efi
12-Apr-2011  02:00 PM    <DIR>          efi
12-Apr-2011  02:00 PM           106,768 setup.exe
12-Apr-2011  02:00 PM    <DIR>          sources
12-Apr-2011  02:00 PM    <DIR>          support
12-Apr-2011  02:00 PM    <DIR>          upgrade


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Just increase the countdown timer in bcd and you get option for the mem diagnostic (use TAB). I used EasyBCD to set a 3 sec countdown.


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When you see the screen that says "Press any key to boot from USB. . ." press the enter key twice, this will open the windows boot manager... from there you can run the built in memory diagnostic by pressing the 'tab' key to highlight the Memory Diagnostic tool then press enter...
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Following topic Just add


to Create ISO plugin


you can increase time out at Create ISO plugin.


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remind them time to time  :wink:

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