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LiveSystem pro / MultiPE-builder-software / NEW!
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Manual and Help
for the MultiPE-SE project, LiveSystem pro / PE-builder-software

LiveSystem pro is a proprietary freeware by Kare which provides the possibility to create a rescue system based on MS-Windows (c) in an uncomplicated way. With the already activated scripts included in this software you are able to handle your computer maintenance by using a CD/DVD oder an usb flash drive (without mandating an expensive expert). Recover deleted pictures or lost files even if your system doesn‘t boot with Windows or any other rescue system. You can customize and extend LiveSystem pro according to your wishes.

Features and advantages of LiveSystem pro compared to other PE-builders

  •      simplest and comfortable handling
  •      very fast creation of the LiveSystem pro
  •      works with 32/64 bit systems
  •      supports Win7 SP1
  •      multilingual (automatic detection of the system language)
  •      simple and logic syntax commands
  •      uncomplicated scripts
  •      simplest driver integration
  •      german and english-speaking help forum
  •      extendable
  •      build your PE without Windows AIK

Last updates at: Download

The MultiPE-SE project is based on a PE enviroment and requires a vista, Windows7 SP0 or SP1 DVD with x86 or x64 architecture.

If you not have the required source DVD's by hand, you can download (the shortcuts listed in the Builder) there here:

There are a small number of programms preinstalled in the Multi7PE-SE project.
You can customize the project with your own programs and scripts.

You can integrate your own drivers with LiveSystem pro.

You can also use The latest drivers can be found on

The Multi7PE-SE Projekt - Important:

The first creation of an LSP project needs (according by script)  up to 10 GB of hard disk space and can
 take up to 15 minutes. The following productions are very quickly to created.

 Multi7PE-SE required for the creation of the PE system no Windows AIK files from you.
 You need only your Windows 7 DVD.

You choose your Windows7-source (source) from.

After that simply press the „Start“ button and the PE-System will be completed automatically. Klick OK!

The suitable scripts for your individual project can be downloaded in the downloadarea for free and inserted to the project under for example D:\LiveSystempro\Projects\MultiPE_SE\Apps or following the developers descrition.

The created ISO-file can be burned to a CD/DVD using optical disc authoring software of your choice. A USB flash drive or a CD/DVD of your MultiPE-SE or your LiveXP system can be integrated in a multiboot enviroment very simple with tools what ever you want or you make it with the scripts in the builder.

Have fun.

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