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Preface LiveSystem pro, commendation and thank you
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As developer i was searching for a possibility to program a PE-Builder which brings its focus to the essential features, building a good rescue system. It‘s my philosophy to create simple and straight forwarded programs.

I managed to construct functional scripts without unnecessary buttons.

A big thank you goes out to JFX for his outstanding work on the Multi7PE-SE project, which created the simple, stable and equally brilliant base.
Without his work there wouldn‘t have been the possibility to create the Multi_7_pe project.

There were many people supporting me in the development.

First of all i have to mention my lovely wife, my children and my friends, who were net able to see me much because i stuck a lot of time programming the builder.

Cordial thanks to SBond for creating the terrific graphics and also for being a good friend for years now.

Further thanks to Bazi for drafting the guidance in german and english language and for the numerous suggestions while beta-testing for me.
Thanks to lancelot for deploying and supporting in the theoven-forum.

Thanks to all the persons who made this project possible and who will keep improving „LiveSystem pro“ by their assistance.
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