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Samsung Tablet 10.1 GT-P7500
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Currently this tablet not exist on market ,
Samsung tablets after this model have 1 important ( to me) feature, front speakers  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Although I rarely listen music and rarely watch video, results of not having front speaker is quite a big difference when I do.

Samsung tablets (and probably other android tablets) are verrrrry lighter than ipad4 and no ipad have front speaker.  :great:


Samsung Tablet 10.1 GT-P7500
(Shortly ST )

I love it  :1st:

At last I met Android too, after rest of the world  :tongue:

Here is my small experience, which may help others:
After making wireless connection, very quickly make firmware update before you customize things,
official pdf instruction here
a copy is * GT-P7500_FOTA_UpgradeProcess_EN.pdf (214.65 kB - downloaded 459 times.)
What it does not write is,
1) Before PDF instructions, You need to do: Options-Applications-Unknown Sources==>Enabled
Later you will be asked to create a Samsung account with an email adress (Prefer something different than your Google account)...
2) here it took 100MB download and more than an hour to finish update (updated from Android 3.1 to 3.2)
So it is nice to get battery first full charge during a full update  :lol:

ps: I later update to Android 4  :thumbsup:
and will continue updates when they come  :wink:

After restart, your first task MUST BE using Google Play application (Google Shop, whatever) (here you provide a 2nd Account...)
it seems Google decide an update after Android 3.2 which cause a very bad bug, so Google Shop need to update itsself after firmware update...
Bug seems to be a trouble between Browser and Google Shop application, which in the end cause not working Android market....
Which shortly, you can not install new Applications  :wink: (it took me hours to understand why things not work)
On Internet there are lots of tutorials about clearing cache etc. which none worked.....
If you stuck badly, just Revert to Factory Settings, Directly start using Google Play application (not browser) which updates itsself since first use easly and things start working ;)
(YESSS , I am the bug catcher, Again  :lol:)

For USB Cable connection to Windows,
I guess you need Windows Media Player 11 installed (not checked on XP),
Win2003 users must have Windows Media Player 11 installed, there is a nice tutorial on internet,
On Device manager, when I check usb, I see driver from wmp 11 being used.... (seems related to MTP)
Options-Applications-Development-USB Debugging==>Disabled

MTP-connection should be default (which is here)

My Favorite Settings:
Options-Applications-Development-Stay Awake==>Enabled  (to read pdf files on my desktop)
Options-Applications-Development-USB Debugging==>Disabled (enabling cause usb connection to pc(win) not possible)
Options-Applications-Unknown Sources==>Enabled (Although I do not like to be controlloed, comical part is even you can not install apps from Samsung (ex: firmware update) without this ;))

ShutDown Screen:
keep holding on/ off and volume down for few secs to reset the phone

Some Applications:

Acrobat Reader:
no a must, since ST comes with a Book Reader that is capable of opening pdf,
but I like to use Acrobat :> ,

RealVNC Viewer
I did not install, but I like the idea, maybe opening http/ftp server from tablet on pc is a good idea ;)

Android browser do not know ftp, but can get from http -> I used HTS Successfully  :wink:

If you have picture archives in your zip files (Comic Books),
and like to view them without extracting zip, I assure Komik works very nice

ES File Explorer File Manager
Having a 3rd party File Manager at hand is always nice  :tongue:

Andreas Liebig
After having FTPServer, I do not need to use USB connection anymore, very good application  :smile:

AndFTP (FTP client)
Just to have a nice client software, I have the idea to send files easly not to my pc, but with other android devices

MX Player:
Default player of Android can not open mpg files....
This baby really works verrrry nice  :thumbsup:

Skype - free IM & video calls
Not tested yet,
Also there is Viber, which seems quite nice, at the moment ST version not ready so will be tested later...

For now Missing (but not heavly demanded, only my memo):
To play DVD video, an .iso file mounter + dvd player would be nice.

For now all applications and many other things seems to me very nice, and fits my %99.9 practical usage,
I must say, I love working GPS on Google Maps  :lol: (no I do not use simcard...)
Also DivX videos works nice...
Everything seems to me near perfect, much much higher than my expectation,
Mainly, now I will be able to read books, without computer noise or heat (summer time), without much headache because of monitor....
I give %100 to Samsung Tablet GT-P7500, and reminding, I am quite a bug catcher and not an easy 100 giver   :smile:


Temporary informations:
(taking notes about things found around)


ios ( iphone - ipad):
Adding Bookmarklets to ios (safari) ex: Google Translator ;)

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Re: Samsung Tablet GT-P7500
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Nice report, Lancelot! :great:

At last I met Android too, after rest of the world  :tongue:

I'm still to catch up, too. I've never used a Tablet yet. :tongue: :tongue:

I especially enjoyed this part, which gave me a big smile:
(YESSS , I am the bug catcher, Again  :lol:)


Re: Samsung Tablet GT-P7500
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:) Well I am still using my old Nokia 16 16-2, which still fits my needs...  :thumbsup:

Meanwhile, I add ftp server to tablet (added topic...), and since than I never need to plug in usb anymore,
everything transfer fast (home 1MB/sec)  :lol: (Thanks to File Transfer Protocol, for years it always helped me nicely..)

I wonder if same ftp solution is ok for iphones too,
(wondering only because my girlf plan to buy iphone, and it would be good for her to put mp3 etc. easly....)


Re: Samsung Tablet GT-P7500
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Hi All,

I just see Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet at the market with my eyes, which recently arrived around here  :cool:

To me most importantly, it has much much better video (GUI) compared to Samsung Tablet GT-P7500 ,
My mind played me lots of tricks to sell Samsung Tablet 10.1 and buy Samsung Note 10.1 , hehehe , gui is very good....
I had bought Samsung Tablet instead of iPad already knowing iPad have better gui, but my selection went to android which is much more easly expandable,
but with this new tablet there no doubt left to buy a Samsung Note Tablet, I can advice anyone without any hesitation  :thumbsup:

Well, also other features tempting too, mainly having sdcard**** slot, with some bonus like pen, frontspeakers...

The only negative comment I have is, I do not like its design.... which is all about taste ;)

To me on Tablet business, Apple-iPad now lost with Samsung catching Video technology (The last defense line of Apple) and offering expandable sdcard slot, with bonus pen :), AndroidOS also doing very well too.....

I think with Samsung's next tablet/phone (within a year), mostly bye bye to apple (within 2-3 years)

Lucky me, I met these technologies very late, all quite matured both with hardware and software part  :thumbsup:


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