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Osmand (My precious)
Available: Android + BlackBerry


Pin +  :great:
Search +  :great:
Rotate map with Compass +  :great:
Route +  :great:
Route with Voice +  :great:
Download Map Packages Easly +  :great:
.... +  :great:  :lol:

Osmand fully gives what you expect from an offline (mobile) map application,
Pin + Route (+Voice) + Verrry good GUI and a Great Set of custom options,
Aside tons of available options, menus helps end user a lot on finding what you are looking for (the best),
I search around internet for weeks to find the one that fits me, and at last I say "That is it"

Some Tips using Osmand:
After downloading an Offline Map,
Download a "Voice pack" (0.1 MB) from Osmand download menu, which you will require for route options
Download "OsmAnd-Parking Plugin", you will like it a lot
ps: After Install, enable at Settings-Plugin Manager
Download "GPS Status & Toolbox", when you click "Gps Status" on Osmand, Osmand will open this useful app.

If you plan to make a trip around, I advice buying full version  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Not Available on iOS is the very missing for my iPhone  :wink:

Free version: only have map download number restriction (up to 5 or more...)

CoPilot GPS
Available: iOS + Android (iOS =  iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) + Windows Mobile + XP/Win7 (laptop)

It is good they provide a Free package, with some limitiations ( 1 map package, no 3d, no voice route etc.)
Fitting my criterias to test on my city  :great:
I tested this nice baby on both iPhone4 and Samsung Tablet 10.1  :great:

+ I am now happy to draw routes :)
+ Having Different vector map sources at hand is good  :great: , CoPilot GPS is already very detailed enough for my city Turkiye / Izmir ;)

Overall I like it, for simple usages,
if you have a place to go, it will simply get you there with routes  :great: :great:
ps: so far I see from internet, CoPilot GPS is new kid on the block, having big goals to beat competitiors on the market. (increased entropy is good  :lol:  :thumbsup: )

Besides I have dissatisfactions:
* The biggest dissatisfaction is :
They put ALL poi on their vector map,
"very detailed vector map" + All Poi = results very slow gui usages, (and my test devices are not old ;))
it is a biiiiig headache to go around on map, also opening menus, you need to be quite patient,
always "current status" button lost too....
+ no menu to disable poi on map
++ I guess with playing on their vector map engine settings on code levels, with having poi disable option, it would be nice....

* During travel with route, gps does not follow your current position ! probably a limitiation of free version maybe a bug, one need to click "recalculate" button all the time ;)
* missing feature, you can not set start point ;), (only set end point and start point is your current location via GPS)
* you can not clear map thingies easly (if exists I could not find in menus)

Good enough to get you one place to another with route  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: ,
(Although it is not easy to set "Destination" with very slow map browsing, once it is set it is ok )
Good for simple route usages,
Not good for a tourist walk around ;) since you would not spend time on its slow map/app usage unless you get lost (and even than alternatives works better)

They made a good start (just the 2nd part of 2012 I guess),
if they are "wise" enough to learn and improve, they can improve quickly  :great:

PS: After a short experience, I see custom support is quick, but quite hopeless  :ouch: So it is up to their boss(es) ambitions holding the task or not...

Available: iOS + Android (iOS =  iPhone, iPod touch, iPad)
Android version not working for today, hopefully would be fixed in time (Contacted to author...)


Pin +
Search +
Rotate map with Compass +
Download Map Packages Easly +

This is much simpler and still nice to navigate with available Pin feature, a long with nice designed menus for options it provides.
Mainly Search option. (Good for tourists, what is around :> )

This baby use a "new" map package technology so maps are verrrrrrrry small... ( Same or similar with MapsWithMe )

If you plan to make a trip around, I advice buying full version  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Free Version: Limits number of maps (I guess only 1 , on android 5)

CityMaps2Go become my basic map on my city, I put pinpoints of my friends, car etc. to re-find them easly on map,
it is small, fast, nice, with some small addings it would be even perfect  :great:

Available: iOS + Android (iOS =  iPhone, iPod touch, iPad)


Download Map Packages Easly +

Simplest one, works like a traditional map, anyone can use ;)

This baby use a "new" map package technology so maps are verrrrrrrrry small...  ( Same or similar with CityMaps2Go )
(so small, they provide all Turkiye in one small package, when others provide only my city Izmir with bigger package....)

Whatever they do with "compression" on maps, If they improve features quickly and update maps regularly (automatically), they can make a big hit.......

Providing all Turkiye Map with iPhone+Android support, having small size, it is "The Map" I can advice anyone around here  :cool:

Free version: Restrict "Search" feature, no limit to map download. (smartly, one will not need to download many map packages for free test, unlike other softwares....)

Signal File (iPhone)
nice little application to send location via email ;) by using short google map www ;)
(instead of taking picture and send :>)

I like it because it is small, simple, fast,
and you can fix location before sending (sometimes gps signal bad and location is some hundered meters away)
good one  :thumbsup:

Speed Guard Free (iPhone)
nice simple application for speed limit ;)

it is overall verrry satisfactory to me, working behind as service hit my heart with very simple no add menus,
( you can use another map app, or radio, or phone while it is still working behind :>)
one thing they forgot is to put a "shut down" button for gps usage (to totally close application),
you need to manually shutdown gps after using this application (else bye bye to battery life),
when they add this feature, it is perfect to me  :thumbsup:

ps: + Developer informed

GPS Status (iPhone)
nice simple application showing your gps signal power  etc. (by

Special Thanks to OpenStreetMap project making Offline Navigation possible, small, fast, featured and free for all  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

This is an fast expanding project, so on Map Applications regular (montly) update of map packages is crucial.

My expectations from a map application:
Vital expectations:
+ Pin Feature (and sub pin features: Target and Parking)
+ Easly downloadable maps - Map packages (Offline Map feature)
+ Easly add Coordinate menu (box) (to copy paste any coordinate I may find from friends ... )
+ Good working map engine (to go around map easly)
+ Zoom In - Out buttons on map (to easly zoom in out with one hand, pinch feature requires to hand, I am driving :>)
+ Left-Right-Up-Down buttons on map (to easly look around close locations on map with one hand, when driving  :>)
+ Route (for car usage)
+ Route with Compass
+ Send location via sms or email*
+ Show current gps coordinate on gui (so it is good to at least email a photo  ;) )
+ Download maps from other map servers (region) to browse offline (needs a lot space, but nice to have bonus at hand for trips if have space on phone)
+ iOS and Android support together (so I can syncronise with anyone, also with my tablet and phone...)
* A free-open PinCloud on web (not application specific), so any application can take personal or shared/sent pin info to/from other close friends....
ps: if such thing application specific, not usable in long term......

Send location via sms or email* (Detailed):
This is a solution for "meeting" with 2 friends (maybe lost in the city), relatives, etc. which I could not find around on applications...
(How many times you spend time to find a house of a relative - friend... )
Giving example:
I want to send my GPS location to a friend, so he can find me easly,
I need to get my gps location from map-application (copy) and send to friend with sms or email (paste)
so he paste this location to his map-application (paste) and finds me :)
Even sms messages can be monitor by application (when application open) to get coordinates on the fly (Viber do this SMS trick for its verification routine ;))

I tested many map applications which provides Free Map service, and only pick the ones above that fits me (+ free to be usable on my city).
In the end when I go abroad, I will decide to buy one maybe 2 of them which I tested and satisfied  :great:
Reminding: Be sure your target location have map package on the software you select ;)

Some others worth to mention
OpenStreetMap Wiki (app charts that gives some ideas;) for applications that use OpenStreetMap (not all) )

Galileo Offline Maps
Recommended by bondirac on this topic,
Offline Map Feature is not free (and not even limited free), so not in main list (like others on this list ;))
Some features I notice:
Selectable Different Maps Source for web :thumbsup:
GPS Track (record) Feature (so you can go back to where you start ;))  :thumbsup:
It seems to be using latest (fast) map processing engine

MapDroyd (provides very small maps ;))
NavFree -> not includes my country but maybe good for others
OruxMaps  -> if improved in time nice
Pocket Earth
My Pocket
OffMaps ( OffMaps 2 Lite )
Europe Offline Map     (1.2 GB)

Free (limited but enough to test own city) Offline browing is the key feature to test apps,
still not-free-testable apps maybe good enough too.... (not tested TomTom = not free , not tested navfree since no map of my city exists)
If you know good applications for other reasons, let me know

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Recently discovered and add CoPilot GPS to the list with my comments  :thumbsup:

Also added nice small (fast working) useful applications for ios (iphone) :
Signal File (iPhone)
Speed Guard Free (iPhone) - Android: Osmand already have speed feature, and may have speed limit feature too
GPS Status (iPhone) - Android:  GPS Status & Toolbox (and Osmand already use ;) already written...

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you have done a great job testing these apps, thanks! I've tried almost all of them too and no one is not good enough for me =\ Some of them are too complicated to manage, and some of them have awful and "poor" design, you know. for traveling abroad I use Galileo Offline Maps (have you tried it?), so I think this app worth to mention too! peace!


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Hi bondirac,

Thanks, I added "Galileo Offline Maps" to list, worth to mention  :thumbsup:

Here is my quick review:
Indeed, Side by side good organised menus  :thumbsup:, some features nice  :thumbsup:
Multiple MapSourceSelection  :thumbsup:
GPS Recording  :thumbsup:
and some more features, "Offline maps import" pretty nice fits with Multiple MapSourceSelection

With small things, it can even be better:
Aside Compass mode (Rotate Map to direction) showing north direction (when available) on all cases would be better (as in CityMaps2Go and MapsWithMe ....)
And a Zoom-In-Out buttons to easly zoom-in-out with one hand ;) (something like (but not exactly) Copilot live..) (maybe only a zoomout button, since zoom in can be made with double tab)

and a better feature:
Downloadable Offline Map package(s)
(which saves space and time, and gets faster map process, as in Editor Choice apps)

I wish they had put a limited offline map feature,
Main list apps provide limited offline maps for free, which makes it easy to test and conclude traveling mobile in my home town,
(some provide limited 1 country, some provide limited 1 city packages, still online free (1 or 5 ... up to app))
--> So people who works locally, can easly test and decide buy when they go to a trip
--> I am not working on a pc magazine etc. to fund tests ;) (-> even than I would create a something like "payed for usable" cathegory ;))
ps: bookmark ing with payed seems to be a bit exagarated payed feature to me :> , since already useless without available offline map  :wink:

Well once payed, I see things run better for you  :thumbsup:

Thanks for mentioning "Galileo Offline Maps" , I am glad adding to list  :great:


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