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Gena Supports which sources ?
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Gena Supports:

XP x86 SP3
XP x86 SP2
2k3 x86 SP2
2k3 x86 SP1

It is highly recommended to use 2k3 x86 SP2 source.
Utils\'Download Source'
plugin to download and use 2k3 x86 SP2  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

More info:

XP & 2k3 x64 sp2 ENU
( XP & 2k3 x64 sp0 and none-Enu also works but not tested widely.)

ALL Language sources supported (English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Turkish .....................)

ps: x64 source support currently do not have general mass storage plugin(s) (only a small plugin waiting to get support) , using in real life requires advanced users add storage drivers :wink: besides verrry easy to test with emulators  :great:

ps: Although Gena supports all above sources, not every plugin supports all sources (%99 plugins supports all sources),
on such rare cases a note added to "Description" field with other precautions that avoid specific plugins to be processed on unsupported sources...

Gena do not Support:
XP x86 SP1
XP x86 SP0
2k3 x86 SP0 --> maybe works maybe not (is there any....) - never tested.

These sources can be updated with latest ServicePack by slipstream method provided by MS. (do NOT use 3rd party (ex: nlite, etc.))
Search tutorials on net, examples:  XP , 2k3

If you have disks >2TB or GPT,  better use W2k3 (x64-x86) or XPx64   :thumbsup:
Win2003 Trial:
To download Win2003 Trial from ms see attached file at the bottom.

ps: XP don't support such disks (although there is "Disk.sys Update" available,
      that gets disks available by XP, for further tasks it may not be reliable.
         check this topic and JFX reply 24  :great:

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