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Wireless File Transfer - iPhone Android (no cable)
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Transfering files from a mobile phone to pc, without cable, is something I like most  :thumbsup:

The ones that do not use internet, mainly use FTP Server and similar transfer methods (HTTP Server, BlueTooth, ...),
so you need at least have a wireless network working on both devices, with or without internet does not matter  :thumbsup:

Aside, on iPhone/iPad there is iTunes, and for Android There is Kies... for such things, but I do not like them for my simple file transfers (big, slow...)
(ps: iTunes does not support all windows nt versions, Kies requires .net installation ... , brrrrr)

Very Generally, Goal is to transfer Photos (Media files)  :wink:

On Windows, use a FTP Client software, FileZilla works great,
for single pictures (small files = not at home) Http Server also can do the task  :thumbsup: besides I advice to use FTP always,
since FTP-Wireless speed is "the top" speed you can get, I do not think cable transfer is faster ;)

FTP Media Server (iPhone)
By alcre8or

It was the hardest one to find on internet, (took me some weeks to find) for iPhone,
there are many applications that serves as ftp server for media files,
but the trick is, all I tested "resize" or "reformat" the original file when transfering (they first copy files to their folder) without giving any warning or info, grrrr,
( which is not easy to figure out for a newbie)

FTP Media Server By alcre8or works great,
it works out of box, without any requirement (no need transfer operation on iphone)
just start FTP Media Server and do your photo transfer  :thumbsup:

FTPServer (Android)
Andreas Liebig

It is The FTP Server for Android, works great (and easy to find on internet)

not many words to say about FTPServer-Andreas Liebig since it is marvelous,
On Android, with cable connection: you can read files but you can not write to sdcard, Using FTPServer-Andreas Liebig can write ;)
The only missing thing to me is, changing folder for server easly missing.... (different session future or a scrollbox for folder selection....)
since at home I like to open all folders access,
and when I am around I would like to open only photo folder...
Also "anonymous" server creation not exists....

Well, I can live with this mini missing, it is great :>

Ftp Server (Android)
The Olive Tree

Significantly, This FTP server have option for anonymous login (easy to login with IE ;)),
and and easier interface to for none-tech people (so I can explain easly to my girlfriend ;))

I use Ftp Server-The Olive Tree as my "public" ftp server,
since I like FTPServer-Andreas Liebig more on my home usages

I set Ftp Server-The Olive Tree to my DCIM folder, where there is mediafiles, also I can "copy" anyfile there for my public usages

So far, FTPServer-Andreas Liebig would do anything on file transfer cases on Android,
+Media (pictures, videos)
+Backup-Restore any files

Anything you can imagine to use your Android as your file carrier

but on iPhone, we need some more FTP utilities for some goals... ,


I use AirDrive to transfer my "personal" files which I do not want to share in public, like my budget etc.


I use UbiDisk transfer general files to share in public, pictures, pdf etc...
it seems UbiDisk authors planning to make an Android Feature, also there is newly "EasyPush" feature to transfer files with a right click ;)

Reminding: do not use AirDrive or UbiDisk to send your photos, instead use "FTP Media Server"

One more application is Dropbox that requires internet, I guess everyone knows Dropbox by now ;)
Dropbox gives nearly (%99) all you want for the Internet File Sharing,


On Camera Upload, it automatically rename media files to date format, which is really great and helpful,
Also you can share your "Camera Uploads" folder to anyone else, without worry since it will be seen as "Camera Uploads from XXX" on the part you share :>

"Camera Upload" feature is very nice on iphone, itables
"Camera Upload" feature is NOT GOOD on android (2015 10 14),
 since it uploads ALL media files (found by media scanner), which makes a big mess.......
  On android it should work only to upload from "Camera" folder or provide options to pick folder......

I use Dropbox to syncronise photos between Tablet and My Phone, also with my Girfriend, all runs smoothly as long as there is internet  :wink:
Also good for giving links to your photos and files through email etc.

File Managers
Some File Manager applications also have "ftp server" features, here are some of them:

X-plore (Only android) provides such features (+dropbox + other cloud + SSH file transfer  ...)

ES File Explorer (android and iphone) following ibay770 reply 3
file manager/media player and ftp transfer/
Go to menu/settings/remote transfer/turn on and type in the address.

Well that is all about applications that deals with sharing files on mobile devices without usb cable  :tongue: :great:
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Re: Wireless File Transfer - iPhone Android (no cable)
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Thanks for posting -- very handy information for anyone with such phones. :great:

My old Nokia has a Symbian OS. I never could find a good FTP server for it. I've ended up using a network sharing app that allows me access to the phone's drivers over my home network. I also wanted to transfer files without having to connect up a cable. :smile:


Re: Wireless File Transfer - iPhone Android (no cable)
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I just add
Ftp Server-The Olive Tree
to the list ;)
As the final addition  :tongue:
(even your wife can use this one easly after you setup)

Shortly, After many many many tests (You know I am quite picky),
these are "The Application" organisation that fits my "FTP Server" requirements :>

Yep Symbian OS made a quite head start, I never had one but heard about it many times through my friends,
but poor Nokia, made a mistake I guess (and later Blackberry, I never had that one too),
with such a head start they had chance to dominate Mobile OS Market,
and such mistakes increase "entropy" which as a result all we have better options, Android and better iOS (entropy is good on tech world :> resulting better: better, better Gena, better Win7PESE, better ...... )

Time will show Nokia decision results with Windows On Phone,
my vision says: they will fail (if Samsung-Apple continues their cat-dog fight, which creates better products for all of us) but results may be better than Symbian (I believe one can find ftp-server easier with Windows on Phone), up to them how they took lessons, also up to US politics about tech world.....  :wink:

So far Android/iOS gives me the impression of a stable/mature OS, and with their wide usage many apps around for them, it is not easy to catch such thing (it took Android years to catch iOS ;))

Time time, meanwhile work work continues  :lol:

See you

Re: Wireless File Transfer - iPhone Android (no cable)
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Thanks for the list. I use ES File Explorer which is a file manager/media player and ftp transfer/
Go to menu/settings/remote transfer/turn on and type in the address. You are done

Re: Wireless File Transfer - iPhone Android (no cable)
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Thanks ibay770,

Added File Managers to the end of topic post, including ES File Explorer  :thumbsup:


Re: Wireless File Transfer - iPhone Android (no cable)
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Transferring files using ES File Explorer is much easier than making an ftp server. You just have to turn on your sharing and editing capabilities to network.
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