Topic: Pentium 3 - 733 MHZ - 256MB Ram - Just Retired  (Read 1640 times)

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Pentium 3 - 733 MHZ - 256MB Ram - Just Retired
« on: October 17, 2012, 05:11:42 PM »


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Pentium 3 - 733 MHZ - 256MB Ram


Yes it is still living,
But unlike most other retro (like my old mmx),  it is in practice heavly being used by people (not as server) till yesterday,
it was used:
Very mostly for FaceBook, Msn messenger,
Yesterday prepare a Word & PowerPoint presentation, and today presented  :cool:
Don't forget StartCraft, we had had a lot played, thanks to hamachi...  :grin:
And ofcourse unforgetable Quake2   :cool:

It has TvCard, USB Card, BlueTooth, Dialup-Modem, Ethernet, Soundcard , 2 Harddisks with fans and a CdRom
+ External Scanner
+ Cd Media inside case-floor , backup image and info of system  ( my style on these old days ;))
(sadly slave hd death 1-2 years ago, I may ask help some months later to rescue pictures inside.....)
ps: BlueTooth for old phones, to copy picture to pc ;), you will see "smart" add on for BlueTooth

I installed this pc mannny years ago (last time 2007 I guess),
and proud it worked without troubles (no critical crash etc...),
(That is the reason of current topic, this pc have some long term historical meanings to me....)
I know it was made for Win9x, but to avoid crashes and not working applications, I installed Solid-Stable-NT5x series ;)
(and thanks to hibernate to boot faster ;))
I just open case tonight to clean up before get it retired  :wink:

Here are more pictures if you want to remind old (bad, headache) days
* 201210180025.rar (1460.4 kB - downloaded 146 times.)

Today's phones have more power  :lol: :lol:
( I am living a dream of years ago, with these mobile computers   :cheerleader: )
I can not revert time  :flying:

Have fun

Re: Pentium 3 - 733 MHZ - 256MB Ram - Just Retired
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I'm sure it's earned a well-deserved retirement! :icecream: :dinnertime: :surfing: :snowboard: :vacation:



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