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RunFrom,... (RAM - CD)
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VERY Mostly used at the begining of plugin's [Process]
has 2 main parameters RAM and CD

To keep code writing easy following real life plugin examples.

RunFrom,RAM-X does RunFrom,RAM on SE projects
--> This assures application inside .wim, writable environment. (also at RAM)
ps: other methods than wim boot of creating SE projects mostly depricated due to nature of nt6x and popularity.

RunFrom,RAM-X do nothing on Gena Project
--> Gena default "Create ISO" mostly used with "fbwf" optional feature which creates writable environment.
ps: Gena RunFrom,RAM assures application run from RAM, with CreateISO requires big available RAM, with RunFrom,RAM-X end user responsible to provide fbwf.
no Gena, WimBoot more popular, but not default, since requires ms files to be downloaded and provided unlike SE where files already provided at source.

Assures your Utilty runs on a "Writable" Environment,
This is the most popular command due to couple of reasons and frequent needs  :thumbsup:

NT6x (Win7PESE , Win8PESE):
With Project Default Setting "In RAM" (Available at Main Configuration),
This means run inside 'Boot Wim File'  BWF (which is mostly boot.wim)
+ Writable Environment   :thumbsup:
+ Since Boot Wim is at RAM at startup, Utility works fastest  :thumbsup:
Side by Side Advantage:
+ Solution for PXE boot
---> For PXE boot Check "Run All From RAM" option, Some Locations on Projects:
Win7PESE\Build\'CdDrive - X: - Y:'
Win8PESE\Build\'CdDrive - X: - Y:'

- 'Boot Wim File' BWF getting bigger have side effect, results slower boot and more ram requirements

NT5x Gena:
Gena have 3 different options, Create ISO + BootDI + WimBoot,
BootDI WimBoot: behaviour is same with NT6x,
Create ISO:
With enabled FBWF, there is no such need, but not everybody have FBWF files ;)
Than Utility goes to profile disk which is a ramdisk (Generally B:)

For PXE boot Check "Run All Fom RAM" option:

Assures your Utilty runs on DVD/CD (ISO),

This is more useful when you use "Run All From RAM" option,
or any other similar options like "Gena WimPack"

This is an advanced parameter for Advanced plugin authors,

Simply reverts (resets) back to related project default settings on processing....

Useful on some complex plugins, reminding not for general usage  :wink:

Run from Normal?
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