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Check Pedrole's old document (and than read following) for detailed information [ Guests cannot view attachments ]

Add_Shortcut,Type,StartMenuFolder,(path\)FileName,Title,Work Folder,Parameters,(path\)IconFile#$cIconIndex,StartMode=(1,2,3)#$cHotKey,ToolTipText

It is known some pe2/3 projects do not support some of Add_Shortcut command features.

Add_Shortcut,Type,StartMenuFolder,(path\)FileName,Title,Work Folder,Parameters,(path\)IconFile#$cIconIndex,StartMode=(1,2,3)#$cHotKey,ToolTipText

Exists in pe2/3 cfg file, up to loader (or shortcut creator) to use value.

Work Folder , ToolTipText , StartMode=(1,2,3) , HotKey :
Not exists in pe2/3 cfg file. Sadly these values can not be added directly with keeping backward compatibility following initial design of nightman's loader.

hotkeys written splitted with + without using space
for full list check hotkey list attached.

**Important Tip:
If you are using batch file (.cmd) for your shortcuts,
it is strickly adviced to add
Code: [Select]
cd /d %~dp0
to the top of your batch file.

These shortcut parameters not heavily demanded by pe2/3 end users to project admins,
hence admins never spend time to enhance shortcut creation of their loaders/tools,
current Macro Library give the opportunity to develop further via using project admin's external shortcut script,
Only some time and motivation required because these parameters are not critically important.  :thumbsup:
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would it really be a big deal to break backwards compatibility of the .cfg file in this case?? the only changes would need be to shortcuts.exe and capi so the user would never know the difference.
shortcuts.exe (or whatever loader) is always supplied with the project and the config file is created on every build, so I'm not understanding why there should be a problem? I don't think its common for anyone to edit the .cfg file manually or with another script and if they do they are most likley using their own loader/program to do so? or I am I missing something?

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Hi Homes32,

you are missing something,
nigtman's configuration, even well known not complete, become most popular and common after ALL well known pe2/3 projects who followed, that is the reason we left it as it is for Capi pe2/3 shortcut creation, so Capi can be updated easly with any project  :thumbsup:
more important
you are missing another thing,
you do not need to break compatibility for a new shortcut mechanism,
Capi already improved looong time ago.

Currently on Gena, shortcuts NOT created with Capi, Capi only process its part and pass to a shortcut script,
you can make a shortcut script the way you prefer (via the approriate shortcuts.exe whatsoever, or even not using any via direct approach, up to you), and add to any project, changing permanent settings,
Checking Gena in practice carelfully** will summerize you all story  :thumbsup:
ps: Gena's ShortcutsCentro script have hidden checkbox "Create Text (for tests)" which will be less complicated to follow.
ps: replaying: I do not say work on ShortcutsCentro, I say arrange your own shortcut script along with your shortcutter.exe whatsoever the way you like, full free.

And I also miss something,
Add_Shortcut,Type,StartMenuFolder,(path\)FileName,Title,Work Folder,Parameters,(path\)IconFile#$cIconIndex,StartMode=(1,2,3),ToolTipText(only Gena/LiveXP)
should have been
Add_Shortcut,Type,StartMenuFolder,(path\)FileName,Title,Work Folder,Parameters,(path\)IconFile#$cIconIndex,StartMode=(1,2,3)#$cHotKey,ToolTipText(only Gena/LiveXP)
by now, to complete all possible parameters,
probably forgotten during development (since it was easy to add and posponed but now required since someone (you) is interested.....).. will be added soon  :thumbsup:

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HotKey was just forgotten in documentation -- it was implemented in ShortcutCentro at script release to the project.


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Thanks Galapo,

still I missed adding to wand  :embarrassed:

I added info to post1, please check.  :thumbsup:


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