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Taksim Gezi Parki Events
« on: June 03, 2013, 05:44:45 PM »


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Turkey - Istanbul: a protest on Taksim Gezi Parki (Taksim Park) turn into a big Anti Government event through some other cities :) since some days now (currently ~a week)
I am proud to join Yesterday on Izmir.

Here is %90 accurate news

Here is Google Search results

Thanks to tweeter :> current Government's well known Media Censor , it is very hard to get info,
 from my part, thanks to Facebook and some online newspapers that publish events and youtube videos newspaper is the only paper that can run against goverment (I lived how policies changed on main newspapers during years, with many journalists being kicked out of job... , also many main TV journalists or program show makers fired...  , and many main TV sold to these religious groups )
ps: This "Control Media - Control People" strategy imported from USA, I catch many similarities with this government and things happened in USA through years. (My Special thanks to Micheal Moore ).
   With these events now I heard "Halk TV" being only TV that broadcast all these events only (but only available with satellite) (--> and all these days, nothing on TV, but very little started today, still most TV gives movies etc. but not what is going on. Only some start to give info after protests against some major TV chanels... ) .. After 3-4 days of events, only some "could" start giving only "some" news..

Here are some pictures I like

Crowd going to Taksim this weekend


A Woman standing againt Police panzher that throws water to protests
(after she get wet)




Pictures from current Google Search

Some more pictures from Taksim Facebook page

And newspaper I frequently check to get informed what is going on

HalkTV only* TV that gives online broadcast of events (which is a very small TV, I heard the first time :> )

I've never heard such "unique" event in Turkiye .
 Generally protests are always very local and most times if its against something related to government police forces dissolve them...
   (I may guess we can be #1 Police using pepper gas on protests, ton/year  :lol:)
     People are simply in shock how things started but spread thaaaaat much..
      Well this is not things like middle east, not spread all over country (3 major cities + 4-5 others , I was in protest yesterday)
        Politically people feel very desperate not having any such political party against this one. (current ones are running so bad... )
          This is fully unidiological, unpolitical (no political party leads)... unleadered social event,
            only against dictatorial style of Government doing things specially on social life .
               At least this took *some dust from *some people's apolitical way of thinking...

Events continues, if things continues we plan to join more events with available free time...  :thumbsup: :great:

ps: I now understand it is in my blood  :wink:

And life goes...
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Re: Taksim Gezi Parki Events
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Wow, that's a lot of people! :w00t:

Seems there is a need for police for the police. :police:

Hope you stay safe, and that there is a positive outcome for your country. :V:


Re: Taksim Gezi Parki Events
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Wow, that's a lot of people! :w00t:
It seems number increases and spread much more widely to all country .... Tonight will show....

Seems there is a need for police for the police. :police:
Similar to what you wrote,
We had "POMA" against "TOMA" event last night,
TOMA => the truck police uses that spreads water (Apprevation of: Social Affair Intervention Vehicle )
Protestors got a dozer and chased TOMA vehicles, and They Call it POMA (Obviously: Police Affair Intervention Vehicle)


Hope you stay safe, and that there is a positive outcome for your country. :V:

Yep, %99 safe since this is a none weapon protest, But still need to be very carelful when you see police,
 Government reaction to these protests with Police excessive use of pepper gas (+sticks) and so on make things getting bigger and bigger...
  Sadly 1 young boy (20 ies) died today with a pepper-gas-gun fire to head , also another lost eye in first days, and lots of injured (police aiming human)
    To clarify what I mean, pepper gas used with a weapon like granade launcher, here is a photo of "single" launcher... (also "8 round" launchers available)


Government reaction was funny indeed, no step back but also very depreciatory,
 Since first days, PrimeMinister played the known game of "I have the power, I stand still and not step back",
   which would give him + points on some public if he could achive ->
     For years Police force run over all protests with extreme force, along with censored media not showing these events but some with none-image news, giving him the image of strongest...

Yes, people having some sort of power acts similar on both social life, and even I learned on internet,
 We well know this dictatorial Nazi behaviour from Nuno Brito and Peter Schang ;) , And misleading media by Jaclaz (wonko)..
   Such Dictators believe if they crash they succeed, since low profile dignity people follow this power delusion (I was shocked even high educated people, doctors engineers act this way, and even on forum world !!!! I can not understand why/how people accepting being such sheep )
       Aside well experiences on jobs.....

Government (Primeminister and ministers) went to Tunis following a scheduled trip behaving as "These are small events" soul (also verbally), and Priminister told "You will see when I come back things will already end" .
 I hope not, since first days things still growing....

Today Primeminister 2nd man on tv, trying to speak more calm, but with careful eyes "no step back" ;)
 (reminding: Nuno Brito: "lets create a test team :> and you all do whatever I want :>"  )
  Main stream tvs trying to calm down events, with still cencoring and misleading information (like classical jacklaz tactics...),
    But people on ground (sheep) seems to wake up,
      I hope all this "misleading information" tactics fails and this protest continue all week up to a point of step back... (People can not create a new forum :>)
Lots of more to say but anyway....

I can't change the world or anything, What I can is do what I can,

I will be on the ground tonight  :great:


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