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Some doubts
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1) The default option to load in RAM, would this be similar to Windows to Go
2) Can you install apps directly to the USB drive?

Re: Some doubts
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Win8 to Go and the Win8.1PE RAM OS are entirely different. While Win8 To Go is essentially a full OS installed to the USB, Win8.1PE RAM OS is a highly stripped down version of Win8.1 which is similar to a PE. If i understand correctly, ChrisR choose to call it as RAM OS because it uses full Windows registry and the Administrator account login as opposed to the default System account login preferred in a PE.

To run apps from USB, choose Run from Normal or Run from CD option in your app scripts. Unless Run From RAM option is used or Run all programs from RAM setting in CDDrive -X: Y: script is selected, apps will be kept outside the BOOT.WIM.


Please correct me if i am wrong :smile:.
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Re: Some doubts
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Nothing to correct anshad, I agree :thumbsup:

I had prepared my answer without seeing yours, I put it anyway  :wink:

You need to read additional information about Windows To Go carloscape
you can Read this with the faq

Breifly and subject Win8.1 To Go works as the real Windows 8.1 but on a USB stick/disk rather than on an internal disk.
With some exception (ex: Internal disks are offline, Hibernate is disabled by default, Refreshing or resetting a Windows To Go workspace is not supported).
So it is a full windows 8.1 installation from install.wim on USB with flat file that allows to write data, registry ot to install apps and keep them for a future use.
It is supported Only on USB 3.0 drives that are certified and can start on USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports.
Even for test, I think you'll have trouble to run it on a USB2 stick of 1 Gb.

Win8.1SE works like others WinPE for users, with boot.wim mounted in RAM.
But it is not either a trully PE. Example:
Logon as administrator and not the system account like on all PE.
It does not use cmdline at startup and Winpeshl.exe (directly, I launch manually it after).
Otherwise, same, the registry or installed applications in Ram are not saved....
Without all components, it should run on PC a little old with 512 Mb Ram and with that a USB 2 stick of 512 Mb-1Gb.

Try one and the other and you will see they are really fully different for a completely different use.

I think, but it is feedback that will be able to confirm, there may be a real gain compared to others PE.
It is maybe a little longer at startup,  I have not measured watch in hand.

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Re: Some doubts
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