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Backup Restore
« on: March 16, 2011, 02:54:13 PM »


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Hi all :)

Here is a small instruction about Backup Restore plugins which I believe you will find verrry useful.
Personally, I use all 3 4 plugins a lot during development.

Imagine you initially make a build, and decide to make another build with different apps etc. selected.
  • Change your apps etc. selection
  • Goto Components\Xerox-BackupRestore Components
  • Click "Restore This Point" button
  • Than Click "Resume Build"

Well, I believe it can not be more easy :grin:

Good Gena Times.  :thumbsup:

The Backup-Restore Plugin you plan to use should be selected during build (if no backup during build, nothing to restore  :tongue:)
There are 4 Backup-Restore Scripts, following requirements...
1) At the End of Basic (selected default)
2) At the End of Components (selected default)
3) At the Begining of Optimization (not selected default)
4) At the Begining of Drivers (not selected default)

Although it is written "for Advanced Users", in fact plugin is for "Familiar Users" who has some practice building Gena having a "Small Picture" what is going on, usage is quite easy.  :thumbsup:

"Small Picture" s :)
Folder Organizations
Green Button button

Also Compatible to Other projects, See Reply 2 below
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Re: Backup Restore
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This looks promising, thanks - can this script also be used with other projects? eg. Win8.1PESE?

Re: Backup Restore
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When you use Gena\Utils\Share Plugins .....
it will be available on Win81SE

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